Education Professional

Teaching a webinar for European House-Ambrosetti in Italy, 2017.

Training Diplomats on Coalition Building for UNITAR.

Presenting at the African Union Preparation Conference for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development.


Nick Coburn-Palo, Ph. D.

Education Professional

Lecturing at the Warsaw School of Economics.

Radio Taiwan International interview on 'Developing Leaders'

​Interviewed in Taipei, December 2017.

TEDx Talk entitled "Why Negotiations Fail."

Delivered in Taipei, December 2014.


Adjudicating the 2016 Warsaw Negotiation Round.

With my debaters after winning the International Division of the Tournament of Champions, U.S.A., 2017.

Radio Taiwan International interview on 'The Art of Public Speaking'

​Interviewed in Taipei, December 2017.

Checkout day at the Yale University Ivy Scholars Program.

The debate team I coach at the end of a competition last year in Malaysia.

Indulging in a hobby while in Taipei.

Nick Coburn-Palo, Ph.D.